Choose the Right Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer


Sexual crime accusation could adversely affect your professional life as well as personal reputation. That is why you need to choose a reputable and respectable Toronto sexual assault lawyer.

From the moment you are charged there are serious repercussions that may follow. A sexual lawyer with proper cross-examination and powerful negotiation skills is what you need to prove your innocence. Click here to learn more.

  1. How To Select A Right Toronto Sexual Assault Lawyer

Insist on choosing a Toronto sexual assault lawyer who specializes in sexual assault cases. They will have the much needed experience to tackle all your case.  Your lawyer should be skillful in presenting your case and cross-examining the allegations of the accuser. This helps you have trust in them and have hopes in success of your case. The lawyer should be sensitive, knowledgeable and show grit in their work. Your lawyer should be willing to tirelessly prepare for your case for success.

  1. Understand The Sexual Offense

An offense is classified as being sexual if you touch an individual in a sexual manner without their consent. Often there is force involved which could include grabbing and forcing a person to engage in sexual activities with you. Your Toronto sexual assault lawyer should help you understand the offence, which is key in determining how the case will go.

When it comes to types of sexual assault, there are various types which include, but not limited to;

  • Sexual touching – this involves sexually touching a minor. A minor is describe as anyone below 16 years.
  • Rape- forcefully engaging in sexual encounter with someone, underage or grownup.
  • Child pornography- exposing pornographic materials to a child to ‘groom’ here or him to have sexual desires.
  • Sexual exploitation- involves sexual engagement between a person between age 16 and 18 where the adult has authority or trust over an underage person.
  1. Understanding A Summary Conviction And Indictable Offence

A Toronto sexual assault lawyer will help you understand that a summary conviction is only heard in a provincial court and that you do not have a right to a Jury trial. The penalties here are quite low compared to indictable offence.

Indictable offence is more serious with different sentencings and different procedures could apply. A person can choose to have a trial with or without a jury in a provisional court. Your lawyer will help you in deciding on how the case will be heard. You should keep in mind that what is important in one case may not apply to another case, and your lawyer should help you to come up with the right strategy to win the case.

  1. Different Types Of Assault

The type of sexual offence vary from the type of touch and the circumstance in which it occurred. The prosecution will prosecute the cases differently depending on how major or minor the incident is and the sentencing will differ according to different factors. Your Toronto sexual assault lawyer will help you get a fair judgement based on the type of sexual accusation.