Chamber of Commerce Revenue Enhancement Strategy


The other day I was at a Chamber of Business mixer, a local one, and a gentleman that was quite possibly known in the community due to the fact that he had been a city board person and accountable of the local Children and Women Club, had actually signed up with the Chamber of Business as a new participant. Every person assumed that was funny due to the fact that previously he was aboard participant at the Chamber and also he certainly wasn’t new to the community, he had been in the neighborhood some 40 years now, everybody knows him.

Back Dating Subscriptions

When they introduced that he was a brand-new member, they also understood how foolish that was, and changed the statements to claim; “he’s been a member in the past, and rejoiced to have him as a participant once more at our Chamber of Commerce.” Yes, that holds true, there were some years of laps there, probably not his mistake, the chamber had not been active for a number of years, nearly dormant in several pertains to. Now then, this brings me to a solution to such problems, because Yield Enhancement Strategy I understand some small company people during some years are having difficult times, especially after we’ve been with the last attractive hard recession. So right here’s a suggestion.

Chamber of Commerce Revenue Enhancement Strategy

Permit brand-new participants, who might have been former participants to backdate their membership for a little cost for each year they were not a member, so then they can see on the record that they were members during the entire time. If these services can be billed one-third the cost of subscription throughout those years, the Chamber of Business might make extra revenue, and a small company person can clear their document as a long-lasting member and column of the small business neighborhood. Some might state this is dishonesty but is it true? If the chamber gets added profits, and also the participant is currently once more in excellent standing, everybody victories.