Prevent Shoplifting with the Help of this EAS system


New Technology:

EAS which is also called as Electronic article surveillance. It is an improving technology which helps to prevent mugging. It is an anti-theft system which is mostly used only in retail shops, banks, and offices. Yes, we need something like this because it is we who have to be alert with our things. It is our responsibility to keep our things safely and also it is important to take some necessary measures to be alert. If something goes wrong you cannot ask for people or blame on someone. If you have this facility it would be very easy for you to find the culprit. This eas label is consisting of three parts. There are as follows:

  • It would have at least only one antenna which is made up of electronic items
  • The second one is called as detacher.
  • The third component is nothing but an electronic bag.

EAS System:

You can found the antenna in the pedestals of the EAS system at the entrance of any retail shops. You can use the tags which are easily available in any form of factor. But these are available only in the limited editions. The labels come under different sizes and shapes. It is perfectly suitable for the people who sell heavy and also low budget products. You can get this EAS label in both radiofrequency and also acousto-magnetic systems.

Tags and Labels:

There are no very big differences between the EAS labels and the EAS tags. They work almost in the same way. There would be a communication between the shop members and the customers. If any of the products is detached without any information this would make an alarm and the sound make people become alert. Other than the EAS tags, these EAS labels are very much easy to use and it would quickly react when something wrong goes around. The reason is because the EAS label knows all the technology which is needed in its printed circuit and it enables it to work with the whole system of the EAS system.

Prevent Shoplifting with the Help of this EAS system

If you are an EAS label or eas tag user then you should keep one thing on your head that is you should keep EAS label on a flat surface so that it would not get folded. It should not be bent but should be in the right posture. Many people would stick this label on any of the metallic items. You should not do that but should place it in a place where the printed circuit would not get damaged or disturbed. One rule is the same for both tags and labels that are you need to place a single label or tag for every single item.