MIUI – Android ROM Evaluation


If you have rooted your Android phone, you may be curious regarding flashing a brand-new ROM. In this review, I will certainly give you a review of just how MIUI accumulates.

I have tried almost every ROM readily available for my HTC Evo in the last six months or so. There are many of them available, as well as there are several good ones. Before you start losing interest in this tale because you do not have an Evo, many ROMs work with various phones. So even though MIUI is running on my HTC Evo, you likely will be able to install it on your phone must you choose to do so.

For those of you still brand-new to rooting and flashing, I will certainly give a testimonial for MIUI along with some basic installment guidelines. Of course, this write-up assumes that you have actually obtained origin, and also, you are ready to blink a brand-new ROM.

MIUI-Review Installation Ease.

Because you must mount MIUI initially, I will start there. The download and setup are very basic. This is pretty typical for most ROMs. You go to the internet site to download, download the ROM onto your origin folder, and flash. This custom rom has its origins in the Far East, so much of the ROM is not in English. That is why you would certainly likewise download and install and mount the language pack from the website right after the ROM. Do not bother with getting baffled now; directions will certainly follow at the end of the article.

What does that imply? To stay clear of issues, it is best to sync your get-in touches with Google and recover your apps from the market. If you need to bring back from Titanium Back-up or some other backup app, see that you don’t restore ANY setups from Feeling. They do not play well with MIUI.


I believe I have included my phone. I have to alter the appearance of my phone now and then to keep myself from getting burnt out with the appearance. MIUI is without a doubt the very best ROM for individuals that such as to switch it up. If you want a fresh look at your phone, MIUI is for you. On the other hand, if you are originating from an apple iphone, after that, you may feel right at home or hate it after that.

Profits: The MIUI default design looks comparable to the apple iphone layout. It is very easy, as well as lacks an application cabinet much like the iPhone. Even though it resembles an iPhone, it is by far one of the most customizable ROM for Android, as well as if you do not like the default format, you can transform it.

Why MIUI is better: The genuine iPhone does not have modifications. With MIUI, you can mount widgets to your desktop, set online wallpapers, or perhaps set an entire brand-new MIUI theme. In addition, the launcher within MIUI enables you to alter practically whatever about the way it looks in an issue of a few discuss the screen.