Practical Tips to Get Your Oakville Windows And Doors Ready for Summer.


The summer is coming. If you are worried your Oakville windows and doors will not be able to hold well and keep you safe from the scorching summer heat, then you know it the right time to do something on your units. But do you know what?

Well, there are universally used tips by homeowners which we agree the are a great deal when it comes to getting your home ready for summer. Continue reading to know about them and how they are done. Read more details here.

  1. Paint It Perfect.

One of the best ways to prepare your Oakville windows and doors for summer is by painting them. After all, during the summer is when most people go out, so you will also have the best opportunity to show off the beauty of your home. It is also prudent to paint your home before the summer sets in since during summer is when paint peels of due to extreme temperatures.

So, if you decide to paint your home, which paint should you use? Well, acrylic is the best choice. For the frames, it is recommended to use a combination of exterior paints and primers e.g., alkyd and acrylic.

However, don’t paint the windows in areas where the temperatures are extreme or those in direct sunlight.

  1. Watch Out, Wood.

Shine and showers are characteristics of the Oakville summers, and therefore, material like wood have to bear all these.

Humidity normally causes condensation on the glass, and the water that flows directly on the wooden frame can cause it to rot. So, to keep your wooden window in shape and protect them from summer elements, you should apply a coat of varnish on your window frame that acts as a water sealer.

  1. Caulk It.

Caulking is an essential step in waterproofing your windows and doors Oakville. Be it cold air that infiltrates into your home or warm hair that leaves your home; air leakage is a real problem. Especially when waiting for the summers, applying a sealant along the trims of your windows is a crucial measure that helps in sealing the gaps. However, before you use your caulk, first get rid of all the old caulk, just as you do with painting. Secondly, since there are many caulks available in the market, make sure you select the best one that will serve you for many years.

Also, remember that there are interior caulk and exterior caulk that is used in the interior and exterior of your home respectfully. And if you want to paint your windows later, you need to use paintable caulk.

  1. Braving the Storm.

You might be expecting storms this summer, so you need to make sure that your Oakville windows and doors are ready for it. You should consider installing storm protection systems. These systems incorporate exterior acrylic sheets that work as glazing. When installing these systems, also consider windows, and install tight sealants. That will ensure the storms and winds are kept at bay.