How to Install New Oakville Windows?


How to Install New Oakville Windows?

Are you tired of repairing old windows in Oakville? Want to get rid of this hassle once and for all? If so, then there is no better option than to get them replaced. Yes, it’s time to get new Oakville windows before things get worse. But, do you know how to do that? Are you able to figure out what are the reasons behind window replacement? Do you know what it takes to find the right windows? Let’s dive into the details.

Process of Window Replacement

The process of replacing old Oakville windows is not as easy as it seems like. You will have to go through myriads of steps to get the desired results. One of the important things is to consider whether you are replacing windows on your own or hired someone to get it done professionally. If you are going for a DIY project, then this content is just for you.

Tools Required

Get the following tools and prepare yourself for the process:

  • An oscillating tool with blades
  • Caulk gun
  • Driver/drill and bits
  • Shop vacuum
  • 2-foot level

Materials Required

After that, get these materials:

  • Wood filer
  • Door/window spray foam insulation
  • Paintable latex caulk
  • Roll flashing/ flashing tape
  • Silicone caulk

Options for Window Replacement

Once you get all these parts and materials, move ahead and know your options for Oakville windows.

Pocket/ Insert Replacement Windows

  • Replace the faulty sashes with new ones that can fit into the existing window frames
  • The condition of frames should be good
  • DIY-friendly

Full-Frame Replacement Windows

  • Remove the old windows and install new ones
  • Necessary due to deterioration and old age
  • Advanced project than insert replacement windows Oakville

Measurement of New Windows

To begin with, measure the width and height of the window opening. Be sure to measure the interior area of the existing frame instead of the space between the stops of the sashes. For the height, start from the left all the way through the middle and end at the right side of the window. Always choose the smallest figures of width and height to make sure that you end up having the right type of Oakville windows.

Remove the Existing Windows

Here, the thing to remember is that all windows are constructed differently and so does their method of removal. Some windows may need to start removing the sashes from inside while others may require work from outside.

Wrapping Up

Now that you know how to proceed with the replacement of Oakville windows, it’s time to proceed ahead and focus on other steps. The next important things you should be doing is to find the right type of windows, based on your needs and the area followed by finding a manufacturer who offers post-purchase services as well.